4 Current Hits Games in 2020 And You Must Know!

As teenagers, of course you can’t be outdated, for now there have been a lot of Android games that are really hits, guys and you can download them for free on the Playstore, starting from simple ones to the best-selling games, all of them are available. playstore.

The game is indeed a game to relieve work fatigue or any tiredness, so that an exciting e sports game is ready to entertain your daily life, which may stress you out if you work in an office and have a lot of office work.

As teenagers, of course, we don’t just know about social media or the most popular online games, that’s all, game creators or developers who are super creative and work for you, of course, make lots of games from various genres and you can adjust the genre you like. you have.

Starting from MMORPGs, MOBAs, to strategic battles that are enough to rack your brain if you want to play games that have been created by the developers, therefore we will discuss 4 games that are really hits now, guys, so take a look at this article so that you know what games are included in this list.

Brain Out
This game looks very simple at the initial level, namely level 1, but as you often play and increase the levels, this game becomes a game that is quite difficult to make you curious to conquer this game. even many players who might have been so dizzy to finish this game that they searched for answers on google. This game is considered very good because maybe what only other people know about the game is only for lazy people. However, this game is different, because this game is quite enough to rack your brain with the answers that exist in each level.

Free Fire
Free fire is a game booster with the battle royal genre that has already been featured above such as PUBG or Fortnite games, the size of this game is fairly light and can be played on cellphones that are considered potatoes because this game adjusts the capacity of players who may have cellphones which is standard because the quality of the graphics is made to a minimum which maximizes the players to be able to access this game very easily. Therefore free fire is quite feasible for you to play.

Ludo is actually an old game or it can be said an old school game, but it has been redesigned into a more modern style so that this game is increasingly popular nowadays. There is nothing different from the Ludo game that you know, where there are 4 pieces of seeds that you have to enter into the triangle in the middle of the Ludo board. The part that is very interesting is when other players shift you and turn your beans into the house available in the ludo. and even more interesting is that you can access this game offline and online.

Slither IO
Slitter IO is a game of worms where you players have to eat the seeds on the map if you don’t want to eat the seeds in that map, of course the other way is that you have to kill your opponent by means of the head of the map. your opponent must hit the body of your snake, because this game the bigger the snake you have, of course, it will be very easy to kill your opponent by circling or narrowing your opponent. By killing more of your opponents, of course, the snake you have will always get bigger and more exciting the game.

Well guys, those are 4 games that are hits in 2020, hopefully this article will blow up your mind or knowledge so that you know what games are currently hits this year. so thank you we as admin would like to thank you for the attention of the readers.

Author: Johnny Craig