4 Best Android Games Mobile Version

Android or Smartphone is a place or warehouse for high-quality games ranging from RPG games to farming games, various games have been provided by Android for android or smartphone users where all of that is for the convenience of the players because the game is fun and of course challenges you to get a win in each game.

The game methods also vary so that players can choose what game they want to play, therefore we have also provided some of the best games for you to download or download so that you can also play this game.

With online games, of course we can increase our friendship with outsiders or outsiders so that we can have many friends because all online games can be accessed anywhere in the country.

Yes, online games have now become the most popular games on Android, this online game will connect us with millions of people around the world or all over, we can compare scores or compete one on one or five against five with the same number of players in a game. .

So this time Mimin will explore a list of the most popular online android game games in the world that you can try to play right now, ranging from strategy games to simulation games.

  • Mobile Legend
    Maybe you Android users are familiar with this kind of Android game because mobile legend offers a team-only game and in each team there are 5 players against 5 players too, and of course if you want to win in this game of course it takes strategy and good teamwork. This game has been downloaded by more than 10 million players because of the ease of control because only by using the virtual joystick on the left and right, so you can very easily fight with your enemies using the joystick that has been provided.
  • PUBG Mobile
    PUBG mobile is a war game where each team consists of 4 people and in this game you only need to survive and fight the enemies that come to you, because this game has been downloaded by more than 20 million players, of course this game has a competition, and of course. Of course there are already athletes of this game and the world champions of this game are from the Indonesian team, therefore this game has a lot of enthusiasts because of the excitement in the game, and if you want to play this game of course you have to have a keen eye so you can see whereabouts of your enemy.
  • Clash Of Clans
    One of the most popular games of its time, namely clas of clans, because this game is not only accessed domestically, but this game is also accessed by outside players, because this game tells about battles between clans or alliances, in this game we are also have to build a city or village and prepare several troops to attack the enemy clan or enemy alliance and we also have to build our village so that it is not easily destroyed by our opponents. You can download this game on the playstore so you can get and play this game and of course if you want to play this game you need a smooth connection to be able to play comfortably.
  • Hay Day
    Gamers must be familiar with the Harvest Moon game, right? Of course, this game is very similar to a harvest moon, but the only difference is this is an android application, because this game provides excellent simulation of farms and plantations, you can plant some plants for basic needs such as vegetables in the garden that you have and you too. can raise cows and collect milk for sale or consumption.

So, guys, those are the best games for the mobile version, hopefully this article can add to your insight to find out what games are interesting. So thank you, as the admin, please say goodbye to end this article and apologize if there is a lack of words.

Author: Johnny Craig